Relationship Paths

How does it work? 

CharityCAN maps relationships between two people based on time spent together on charity and corporate boards. So, if two people were on the same charity or corporate board together at the same time, CharityCAN identifies and maps that relationship. If two people have been on multiple boards for multiple years, CharityCAN would identify that relationship as being stronger than if those same two people had only spent one year together on one board. Relationship Paths search takes that entire map and searches through all of those connections to find if and how people, charities, and companies are related and ranks them by connection strength. 

Here is an example:

In the example shown below, a prospect researcher at the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ONSPCA) wants to determine if anyone on his board of directors has a connection to BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion). He has identified BlackBerry as a potential corporate donor and is in the process of determining the best way to approach it for a gift.  

Entering the name of the charity in the left field and the name of the company in the right field and pressing search will quickly return all connections identifiable by CharityCAN. 

This Relationship Path search revealed 2 connections between the ONSPCA and BlackBerryClicking on the connection arrow reveals the nature of the connection. In the example above, we can see that Stewart Hill (ONSPCA) and Carl Wiese (BlackBerry) are connected through their time as board members of Humber Community Seniors’ Services 

Here’s another example. 

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation, want to determine if one of their donors, Marie Bountrogianni, has a connection to the Temerty Foundation, a foundation they would like to approach with a gift request. They are hoping Marie can make an introduction. By entering Marie’s name in the left field and Temerty Foundation in the right field, they can easily determine if Marie has a connection to the foundation,  

In this case, the search revealed two connections between Marie Bountrogianni and the Temerty Foundation, including a direct connection between Marie Bountrogianni and James Temerty. 

Relationship Paths builds on CharityCAN’s powerful Relationship Mapping functionality to provide users a quick and direct way to search for connections among people, charities and companies. For more information, please contact us or sign up for a free trial!